Entry #33

I cannot pretend anymore...

2015-04-05 11:18:15 by jeim

Sometimes, I feel like giving up...


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2015-04-05 14:45:16

Feel you on that ( ´_⊃`)tired most days, but it's getting easier to handle (▰˘◡˘▰)

jeim responds:

Oh? Does it have to do with working?
My pleurisy is super hard to get rid of...


2015-04-05 16:17:40

We all do buddy somtimes keep going though.

jeim responds:

Thank you; I try...
I have been sick lately with pleurisy and it would hurt to breathe...


2015-04-05 19:45:06

Buddy I got lung carcinoma and It hurt like fuck to breathe but youll get through it just gota keep active in your art and passions 2 years since i recoverd and im running 5 k a day youll get there pal focus on positives not negatives.

jeim responds:

Oh wow! I had no idea!
I am glad you are doing better though.


2015-04-06 08:48:56

Shit happens pal trust me though theres always someone worse of than you out there just take that into account when your feeling shitty about things.


2015-04-07 02:47:28

Before the victory is always the temptation to give up. Remember, you are fighting for your life. Life is the last thing that you can loose. Keep fighting for your health and your life.
If you give up, you will lose, and that is unacceptable!
Your country is working to ensure that citizens(including you) are healthy. Your family wants you to be healthy. You can't fail them all, think about your loved ones!

With kind regards, your mate Pecheneg!


2015-04-07 03:43:33

Art should not cause inconvenience. You should stop doing art for a while and focus on the treatment of disease. I wish you get well as soon as you can.

jeim responds:

Thank you for your words. Pleurisy is hard to get rid of (almost 4 months of having it).
And sometimes, drawing is hard. It was suggesting maybe taking a break from my art, but not after I finish somethings first. I will see how I am then.


2015-04-07 17:09:31

That sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

jeim responds:



2015-04-23 18:33:11

Has your pleurisy been getting any better?


2015-06-02 06:41:34

It seems that everything is bad. :-(


2016-05-16 17:03:14

A year has passed. Are you okay?